Galluvet Veterinary Practice is built on a broad-based structure, an extensive pool of knowledge and many years of experience. This means that the customer can always count on targeted and honest advice and an in-depth, substantiated diagnosis. Galluvet is known for its clear-headed approach, strong diagnoses, efficient operation and professionalism. In Lummen, Flanders and Belgium - but also beyond these borders.

At Galluvet, we always dive down to the core of the problem. We conduct all the necessary testing in our own internal laboratory until we are able to create a suitable treatment plan. Both for individual cases as well as for complete populations. Thanks to this 'in-house' lab, we can work accurately, switch gears quickly and share and exchange knowledge.

We get involved with our customers’ concerns and think along with them to find solutions. Our veterinarians look not only at the disease itself, they also evaluate the larger picture, including the management of the environment. We approach each problem individually and search together with the customer for a suitable solution.

At Galluvet, our great ambition is to continuously learn and improve. Therefore, our veterinarians regularly participate in continuing education. We remain focussed on a long-term vision and anticipate the needs and demands of our (future) customers.