Galluvet, specialist in racing pigeons

Pigeon racing has become highly professionalized in recent years. Medical guidance has, therefore, become even more important than ever.

At Galluvet Birds and Fowl, we offer both general check-ups as well as medical support for racing pigeons. Thanks to our strong diagnostic capabilities, our unique facilities and our extensive product knowledge, we can provide comprehensive support for you and your top-sport pigeons.

We also provide support for the import and export of pigeons.

Resistance in racing pigeons

Every loft is unique, making customised vaccination advice anything but a luxury in the world of modern pigeon racing. We guide you through the extensive range of available vaccines, and we put together a bespoke vaccination schedule.

As a result of emerging resistance issues, we strongly recommend having your pigeons examined first, as opposed to blindly initiating treatment.

Our services for racing pigeons


  • Throat and cloaca swabs trichomoniasis / hexamitiasis
  • Parasitological testing (qualitative and semi-quantitative) – coccidiosis and worms
  • Bacteriological testing – Salmonella, yeasts, E. coli and other bacteria
  • Fungal testing –
  • Cytological examination – crop, conjunctiva, organs
  • Blood tests
  • Endoscopic examination – examination of testes


  • Operations – egg binding, lipomas, salpingitis, sterilisation of cocks


  • Sex determination of nestlings
  • DNA testing of performance genes
  • Kinship determination (parentage)
  • Support for fertility problems


  • Vaccinations and personalised advice – paramyxovirus, rotavirus, paratyphoid/salmonella, pox, combination rota-paratyphoid/salmonella, combination herpes/salmonella, combination rota-paratyphoid/salmonella-herpes

Import and Export

  • Support for the export of racing pigeons