Marek Vaccination Days

Combi-vaccine Marek, Gumboro and NCD for day-old chicks

Dear hobby poultry breeder,

Marek's disease is probably one of the most underestimated diseases in hobby poultry. At Galluvet, we still regularly find cases of Marek. All too often breeders are left disappointed: "I have nothing left from breeding...". Valuable animals, which have been bred for years, are lost. At the end of their wits, they go to the vet. Very often, after further investigation, we find Marek. This can easily be avoided.

The solution is simple: vaccinate your day-old chicks!

Especially for the hobby poultry farmer we organise the Marek Vaccination Days for day-old chicks. We use a new combination vaccine which protects your animals not only against Marek's disease and Gumboro, but also against Newcastle disease. This extra protection fits perfectly in the problems with the pseudo bird flu in recent years.

So with this vaccination on day 1, you kill three birds with one stone - and still for the same price as in previous years.


We vaccinate every Tuesday evening from 6.30 pm onwards. The vaccinations take place at our practice in Lummen. You can park at the back of the building.


The cost price is € 0.75 / chick, no consultation is charged.


As in previous years, you will receive a certificate of vaccination against Marek's disease. In this way, you can show that your animals have been vaccinated, e.g. to prospective buyers.


Make your appointment by telephone (013 35 37 01) within the practice's opening hours.

See you soon!

Your Veterinarians Birds and Fowl


Due to great success, we are forced to work by appointment. This will ensure a smooth flow and keep waiting times to a minimum.

  • Appointments can be made at all times within opening hours (preferably by phone on 013 35 37 01)
  • After making an appointment, you will be allocated a time slot
  • Please come to the practice at the specified time and draw a number on arrival
  • Please do not arrive too early so that the previous time slot can be dealt with smoothly
  • No appointment = wait until the end ...

Thank you for your trust!