Post-mortem examination is a good method for discovering the cause of death or for confirming a diagnosis.

It is an important indicator, especially with a problem that affects the entire loft or aviary. Autopsy allows you to intervene on time and avoid further problems. Thanks to an autopsy, we can quickly make a diagnosis and propose a targeted treatment.

Our team has extensive experience in pathological examination and performs autopsies daily in our internal laboratory. An autopsy can be supplemented with cytological and bacteriological testing, for even more precise diagnostics.

How do you bring your bird in for an autopsy?​

  • Store the bird in a kangaroo/freezer bag.
  • The carcass must be cooled down in the refrigerator (approximately 8°C) as soon as possible – do not place the bird in the freezer.
  • The autopsy must occur within 72 hours of the time of death.
  • Call us at +32 (0)13 35 37 01.